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12.10.2012 7:30 PM

A Tale of Four Islands

Friday October 12th

Inverness Education Centre/Academy, Inverness – 7:30 PM

Plätze :  Center / A / 22 + 23


  • Battlefield Band

  • Kinnon Beaton

  • Betty Lou Beaton

  • Daniel Lapp

  • Fionia String Band

  • Kevin Dugas

Island musicians form bonds that stretch beyond the miles and the years. Scotland’s Battlefield Band will feel right at home tonight as Alasdair, Mike and Ewen swap pipe tunes with Kevin Dugas from the other Inverness. Jes from the Fionia String Band can’t wait to play with his musical heroes Kinnon and Betty Lou who he brought over to Denmark several years ago. Daniel Lapp from Vancouver Island is a festival favourite and a unique musician who has played with everyone. Have fun connecting the musical dots.

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