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09.10.2012 7:30 PM

Close to the Floor

Tuesday October 9th

Strathspey Place, Mabou – 7:30 PM

Plätze :  Center / A / 18 + 19


  • The Outside Track

  • Asham Stompers

  • Harvey Beaton

  • Sabra MacGillivray & Celtic Touch Dancers

  • Joel Chiasson

  • Brandi McCarthy

If you have an appetite for dance we have a feast for you tonight. Last year, the Asham Stompers dropped in to this show unannounced and boy did they make an impression! Now they're back by popular demand. The Outside Track's multi-national lineup will allow them to show off two styles of dance, Cape Breton step and Irish sean nos dancing. This showcase of dance styles wouldn't be complete without some highland dance and some of Cape Breton's finest traditional step dancers.

Nearby meal: Roast Beef Dinner, Port Hood

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